CloutLanders is a collection of 10,000 3-dimensional generative Androids who were sent back from the cosmos. With hints of Neopunk culture, the CloutLanders are original to the core, providing quality at every point. We are the upcoming high utility buzz in the NFT space!


Welcome To The Exclusive CloutLanders

Join this ultra-exclusive NFT project featuring not only authentic art, but unmatched utility!



The CloutLanders NFT Collection is a high utility chain of 10,000 unique 3D cloutlanders with over 200+ traits formed on Ethereum Blockchain Framework as ERC-721 Tokens. Being in our community gives you access to one of the best networks of rising Influencers, Creators and contributors who understand and believe in our vision and the prospects of the upcoming Metaverse.

The Cloutlanders are highly unique and are dripping with cloutstanding traits. We provide quality- from the otherworldly art to one of the best utilities out there. Join us, become a CloutLander yourself and experience the waves to come!

Benefits & Utilities

We have planned numerous benefits for our holders. Some of them have been listed below:


CloutLanders in Metaverse

We have already planned to have our own Decentraland and we envision our community to set foot in Metaverse as their CloutLander avatars


Clout DAO

We all are equal! This project will lead to our community turning into a DAO with our holders having the voting powers over partnerships, action plans, Decentraland decisions and even the name of the DAO!



We know we are by the community. So, we introduce you to CloutFunds- a community wallet containing 30 percent secondary sales to support the ideas of our community, holders and rising influencers.


Clout Incubation Club

Other than the charities, we want to give back something more. The incubation club will be focused upon making applications and products which help the masses. Even these will be voted upon in future by holders.


CloutCamps and Influencer sessions

CloutCamps are value packed interactions with influencers and creators, organized every other week for our holders to share their knowledge of different domains.

Road Map

To be the largest community of Influencers in NFT space and Metaverse.


CloutLandersNFT Club DAO will be set up, where the community will vote for decisions. To Us, the community comes first.


CloutLanders entering into Metaverse and having our own land in Decentraland.


CloutCamps are at your service.
Exclusive bootcamps from top professionals and influencers will teach you every week with something new.
Learn about Everything from growing your influence, community building to Personal branding.

These are carrier and skill-oriented sessions with professionals having over 7+ years of experience. Every week, Detailed sessions


You have an amazing personality, a brand idea but struggling with strategy and Funds? We believe in growth, thus introducing CloutFunds. A special community wallet that will fund you to raise your brand if they win the votes of the community. 20% of our monthly secondary sales will be reserved in Clout Funds for the rising influencers of the community.


Release of Decentralised platform only accessible by holders, unlocking multiple connections with Influencers and people who Inspire and achieve. Get access to ultimate premium resources, our partners and collaborators offerings, and whatnot!


Release of Rover coin, $rovr, which has long-term utilities and will only be available to holders. What is $rovr? A High Utility token that can be used to mint new collections, Unlock Upgrades exclusive content, and many more surprises. Staking your NFT can X2 your $rovr coins.


We can't forget our origin, Our-Lore says, CloutLanders have arrived and are re-establishing the lost humanity. Donating 25,000$ to education, sports, and skills-focused societies.


Finally, the Mega Event is here. CloutLandersNFT holders will get access to MegaEvent held in Dubai, with all other influencers and professionals. In search of 'Clout', we all are growing up!

Join the

Community Now

Together we are going to build the best community in the NFT Space.

  • Join our community to be one of the CloutLanders who aspire to achieve, create and conquer!
  • One of the first NFT project set to gather clout from influencers and creators for upskilling the community.
  • Get notifications about frequent events, sessions, sneak peeks, updates and be part of our journey.
  • Mingle with the community, contribute and receive benefits and utilities in the long run!


The following outlines our plans over time

  • Phase 1


    Building up our socials(already launched) and community.

    Sneak-peeks of our Cloutstanding art and initiation of giveaways

  • Phase 2


    Launch of our official CloutLanders Website and Whitepaper Version 1.

    Much awaited reveal of our Affiliated Phenomenal Influencers and Creators.

    Reveal of our supporting partners.

    Organization of fun activities on CloutLanders Socials.

  • Phase 3


    Presale mint to be live in waves/phases.

    Dates of presale mint: TBA

    Price of Presale mint: TBA

  • Phase 4

    Public Release

    CloutLanders was released for the masses.

    Reveal of your CloutLanders on OpenSea.

    Dates of Public Sale: TBA

    Price of Public Sale: TBA

    Holders get exclusive benefits and access in our CloutLanders Club.

    Gearing up for Metaverse and our own Decentraland.

Meet The Team

The ones who are making everything happen.



Head of Development and Operations

Parashar is a cybersecurity researcher and a startup enthusiast. He is two times TEDx Speaker and has been listed amongst Top 5 Youngest Influencers of his nation. Coming from a technological background, he has successfully run 2 businesses and has an exemplary well network of influencers across the globe.



Head of Strategy and Operations

With an amazing experience of running communities effectively, He is a growth mindset-oriented guy who strategizes different factors of growth. Blings has already worked with various international companies to assist them with growth and presence building.



Head of Art and Designing

Years of experience in 3D arts designing for various projects including games & animations, Karyonix is the guy who is the guy behind designing your nice-looking 3D CloutLanders Avatars.



Head of Web Designing

Shruti has acquired great experience in UI/UX designing over the past years. She has assisted projects overseas and has worked with them closely to build their web apps. One of the Top Rated young web designers, she is behind the cloutlanders.club web presence.



Head of Community Relations

Hoody has ample resources to build a strong community, already being a part of several events and networking lounges, he comes up with a diverse experience of management and engagement growth. A determined and dedicated guy to CloutLanders who is ready to take this up!


Aman Jain

Technology Evangelist

A very enthusiastic iOS developer with a very diverse experience, from building games to enterprise applications and POCs, specially when exploring new technologies.


Keyur Talati

Technology Evangelist

Always enthusiastic about Cyber Security and ethical Hacking. Love to solve modern security problems with python.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Blockchain will you be using?


The Ethereum Blockchain. All unique 3D arts are ERC-721 Tokens

Where will I be able to view my NFTs?


After minting your unique CloutLander, you will be able to see your NFT in your OpenSea profile.

Will there be Airdrops or Giveaways?


We will be organizing a bunch of exclusive airdrops and giveaways for our community members and holders. So sit tight for the future events!

When will be the dates for Pre sale and the Public Sale?


The dates are to be announced.

What will be the mint price?


The mint price is to be announced.

What will be the whitelisting process?


The details and specifics for the whitelisting process are being thought upn and will be uploaded in the CloutLanders Discord server.

Want to contribute?

Became a part of our Board of Influencers

The Cloutlanders are highly unique and are dripping with cloutstanding traits. We provide quality- from the otherworldly art to one of the best utilities out there. Join us, become a CloutLander yourself and experience the waves to come!

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